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Putting Patients First

At Swedish, we share a common fundamental purpose: We put patients first.

But what does that mean? “Putting patients first” is more than just a tagline for our team—it is a philosophy that underlies all that we do every single day.

We are passionate about our work.

Swedish continues to lead the way in providing high-quality, safe care for everyone in our community, regardless of their ability to pay. We do that by focusing on creating the best possible care experience for every patient. That kind of focus requires a team that is deeply passionate about caregiving. And the Swedish team consists of the most dedicated caregivers and physicians I’ve ever had the privilege of working with.

We constantly learn and improve.

There is always a way to be better. As a learning organization, we are committed to an open-minded, inquisitive quest to continually improve everything. This improvement mentality is ingrained in our culture—from our processes to our teamwork to the way that we communicate with each other and with patients. For us, improvement is much more than just pep talks, buzzwords and mantras—it is a methodical, ongoing look at what we do, how we do it and ways we might be able to do it better. Improvement demands active measurement, results-tracking, reporting and accountability. That’s what we do at Swedish.

We innovate.

Putting patients first also means innovating and taking advantage of new technology to redefine the patient experience. We are actively exploring new ways to be health care innovators, and we are excited about leading the way as our community’s health system.

We put our people first.

Finally, we can only put patients first if we put our people first too. Our caregivers and physicians are on the front lines of the patient experience. Our success depends on making sure our people feel valued, and that the Swedish work environment is exceptional. As CEO, I want to make sure that Swedish is more than just a job system—I want it to be a “home away from home” for the incomparably great people who spend so much time here helping others.

Together, I am confident that we will continue to do whatever it takes to ensure that patients come first at Swedish. We are excited by the opportunities ahead for our patients, our caregivers and our community.

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